Thursday, December 18, 2008

I say it "Shamp-Oo"

Here's my current favorite shampoo and conditioner products. I'm including my favorite low-cost, drug store brand and a higher-end product for whenever we get out of this recession. =)

(P.S. the links will take you to the Makeup Alley review page for the product, just in case you don't trust me.) ;)

Aussie Moist
Shampoo and Conditioner
(Around $3/bottle, depending on where you shop)

I really love this stuff! It smells delicious, and even the shampoo helps detangle my hair from whatever mess I got it into since I last washed it. I'm one of those bad people who shampoos daily (don't hate), and this doesn't strip my hair at all. The conditioner is also great! It leaves my long hair well hydrated and easy to comb through. It's really important to me that I don't have to fight my products to get volume in my hair, and this doesn't weigh down or look greasy. And best of all, you can't argue with the price.

Aveda Dry Remedy

Shampoo and Conditioner
($22/bottle on

I've been a fan of Aveda products ever since I started going to an Aveda concept salon back in high school, where I found the best hair dresser EVER. As for the Aveda fragrances there's pretty much people who hate them, and people who love them. I LOVE them. And that's why, if I'm ever feeling rich, I splurge on Aveda. This shampoo and conditioner work just about as well as Aussie Moist, for about 7 times the price. The way I see it, it's paying 7 times as much for the smell. It's up to you if it's worth it. This shampoo and conditioner leave my hair shiny, lightweight, and untangled, and I haven't had a bad hair day on them yet =)

So there's my first review. How'd I do?!

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Connie Weiss said...

I love trying different shamp-oo!

I used to be quite addicted to Make Up Alley. Love that sight!