Thursday, December 25, 2008

Finally, these won't be spoiling anything!

As I warned everyone, I was pretty much giving only handmade gifts this year for Christmas. I didn't really plan well, so I have a few things I still have to finish before giving them to people, but here's the artsy stuff I gave people today that I want to document. This cartoonish fish painting was my gift for baby nephew M.

Here on the right is the painting I gave to niece Em. I think it matches some of the stuff in her room. That's what I was going for at least.
Last of the paintings (for now) are these little handprint canvases. I gave these to my sister and bro-in-law. I painted the patchwork background and then helped each of the kids get their handprints on them (counter-clockwise from the top: E, Em, and M). M was a little too young to get to not smear the paint, but I think it turned out cute lol.

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Klobas said...

Really cool stuff.