Wednesday, November 19, 2008


When I found Zoey like this, it looked like she was actually reading the voting guide. She moved around a little bit by the time I grabbed the camera, but this is still pretty cute. She's still our B.A. kitty. Toby doesn't really try to mess with her at all. She defends herself well and doesn't take no crap from nobody. In terms of snuggle-factor, she likes to nap and hang out nearby people, but only comes up for some loving every now and then.

I caught Roxy in this very funny position on their scratching/play post one day. She fell asleep like this for a good 20 minutes. She's definitely keeping the title of funniest sleeper. Roxy's a little daintier and more fragile than her sistercat. She's a little clumsy and seems to get confused sometimes, but we don't care cuz she's so sweet and pretty =) Shes a little more snuggly than Zoey when it comes to laying with people, though the kitties do cuddle with each other a LOT.

The kittens both have actually discovered the fun of playing with the bathroom faucets. Every morning and night when I go to get cleaned up, they rush in ready for me to turn on the drip for them to play. Roxy will get all up in the sink and get her whole head wet, while Zoey's a little more careful and prissy about the water and stays a little bit further back.

Anywho, they're super cute and we love them. Toby's definitely more used to them and a little bit big brotherly sometimes. Come play with the kitties! They're happymakers.

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