Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Please take a few minutes of your time...

Please head over to Oprah.com and check out the information on the PROTECT Our Children Act. I don't usually go super activist about things, but I think this particular issue is VERY important.

The issue is that American law enforcement doesn't have enough funding to go after the sexual predators that they are able to locate through various technologies. Only about 2% of predators whose illicit activities are tracked can actually be taken in by police because of a lack of funding. Senate Bill 1783 - the PROTECT our Children Act - will authorize the allocation of over $320 million to catching and stopping sexual predators from hurting more children.

I was particularly inspired to help out with this issue after hearing the answer given by a sexual predator when asked why he targeted such small children (even infants). He said that it was because "they couldn't vocalize what was being done to them and that it was wrong". Well, I can vocalize that what's happening is wrong, and I can't think of a better use of my voice or a few minutes to contact our senators than to take even as few as one of these predators away from the children they harm. Please take even the smallest bit of your time to consider supporting this cause. Thanks.

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