Friday, August 29, 2008

Welcome, kitties!

Our two little girls came home today! There's so much to say about our first very stimulating day together! I think I'll try to stick to a few little points!

Both little girls are incredibly cute, and we're so happy to have them home! They both purr all the time, seriously. Even if they're sleeping, the moment you start to pet them, you can hear their little motors start.

First, meet Roxy. She's our siamese-looking-himalayan-light-haired girl. She's way playful and cuddly. She has a squeaky little meow and will get in your face to say hello and rub your nose with hers.

Now, meet Zoey. She's our dark-furred cutie. She's a little prissy, but very playful, super loving, and likes to help give her sister baths. She followed me around at night as I went about my business, and I heard her meow from downstairs when I ran down to get a water bottle and a snack.

Our game plan for getting the girls acquainted with our home and with Toby was to put up a little baby gate ($8 at target) at the entrance to my room, and keep them inside with food, litter, and tons of fun kitty toys. They got comfortable very quickly, and about 15 minutes after we got home, they were both conked out on my bed. It didn't take long for Toby to realize there were new kitties around. He liked sitting outside the gate and watching them play, but he was very anxious anytime they came to check him out.

The kittens hung out downstairs for a long while, exploring, meeting my Dad, and cuddling up with my mom for a nap. At one point, I carried Roxy upstairs to the litter box in the caged-off room. I returned downstairs for a moment to grab Zoey and my phone, and went back upstairs. Toby was sitting in the hallway, looking super alert. I turn the corner to see little Roxy sitting in the hall, on the very wrong side of the baby gate, with this look on her face that said, "I escaped the room I'm supposed to be in, but you're not mad cause I'm just way too pretty" lol

At one point, Toby jumped over the barrier to check out their food situation. I saw my plan failing fast. And then, a few hours later, while Kay and I were hanging out with Toby in Kay's room, the full destruction of my plan was evident as a curious little Zoey walked in after having been put in my room too. With a sigh, I removed the baby gate and let the girls roam free around the upstairs, since the gate was providing only the most superficial barrier.

It took a good while of testing the waters with each other, but somehow Toby and the gir ls were okay with this layout for a while. (left to right: Roxy, Toby, and Zoey up on the bed with Kay. )

There's plenty of other details from the day for anyone who wants them, but here's how the nights ending. The two little ones are on my bed, curled up sleeping. Toby is sleeping on the floor, like he often does. Come visit the kitties! They're waiting to meet you!

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Christian said...

Cute kitties and nice paintings!