Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Right about now, I'm finishing up classes for the quarter.  Tomorrow is my last day at the lab preschool, so, after 20 weeks of being their caregiver, I'm going to have to say goodbye to the blue table children.  =(  I had to write a little blurb about each of them to give to their new caregivers to tell them some of the stuff I wish I had known when I started back in the fall.  It bummed me out pretty badly.  I'm gonna miss my little buddies!  This reminds me that I should write a post about some of the funny moments from the preschool.

On the bright side, I'm super excited for next quarter.  I decided to stay on for the Spring even though I technically finished all the courses for my major because I (with some help, see earlier post) figured that it was much less scary to be a student who doesn't know what's next than a non-student who doesn't know what's next.  I'm using the university's resources to do 2 fantastical internships, and I can't wait to start.  I'm also trying to forgo taking classes I don't need and just being a part-time student.  One internship is in the Child Life program at a nearby hospital, where I'll be hanging out with patients and their families in the pediatric wing to help ease the stress of the hospital experience.  The other is working with an Occupational Therapy professional for a nearby school district. O.T. and Child Life have always interested me, and I'm hoping that the experience will give me some clarity about what I want to do next.

Oh, one of the reasons I feel okay part-time-studenting is that I got hired as a server at a restaurant, so hopefully I'll finally be able to save up some money if I can log some pretty good hours there.  I start my orientation next week.

Thanks to the kindness of a friend of a friend, I got the new fashion (classic crochet) of Ugg boots for $50 today.  Awesome.

Since mid-February, Elvis and I have overhauled our efforts to be great saints.  We keep track of our daily prayer (morning prayer is the hard one to remember), scripture study, and overall goodness.  I'm also trying to cut out Diet Soda, so I give myself a star for every day that I don't fall off the wagon (I think it's been 5 days now).  Another habit I've gotten into is journaling (privately, as you can tell by my infrequent bloggage).  I pretty reliably write every other day or so.  It feels really good, I'm super happy, and we've definitely noticed a greater ability to feel the Spirit in our lives, including a really neat somewhat revelatory dream I had.

Also, recently we've been attending the Oakland Temple weekly to go to the Visitor's Center to see the Joseph Smith movie.  There are a whole lot of investigators around here, so we take a few when we go.  We always feel good for choosing to go there when we could be out partying or getting in trouble on a friday night.  I put a cool picture from one of our trips below.
I don't know if I ever posted this, but a while back, I got called to be 2nd counselor in the Relief Society Presidency in my Single's Ward.  Woohoo! Going good so far.

Anywho, that's the wrap up.  Here's Elvis and me being all lovey.

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