Monday, January 21, 2008

Say Cheese!!

A wonderfully fair trade has recently resulted in my ownership of a new camera.  Well, it's new to me, but used to others.  I'm pretty excited since I've always been pretty obsessed with taking pictures, and my last camera (Nikon Coolpix 5600) was deficient in many categories (i.e. really long flash recharge time between pictures, not many options, etc.).  I can now proudly say I have a Kodak DX7590, and so far, I'm a big fan.  Here's a few pictures I took today while my sister and her kids were over.

This is the kitty, Toby, and my niece Em all "nice and snug".

Here's Toby all by himself.  It's been a while since he made it onto the blog.

I needed a new scripture/church books bag, so I bought a plain black tote and embellished it with a variety of pink beads. This reminds me, I really ought to put up pictures of the jewelry I've made the past few months.

Here's niece Em and nephew E juicing lemons for lemonade with their Grandma and Grandpa

Em and E are always willing to be "Grandpa's little helpers"

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