Saturday, January 12, 2008


Pending an e-mail from a professor, I will most likely be graduating at the end of Winter Quarter (March) with my B.S. in Human Development and my minor in Psychology.

This is your chance to get everything out that I may not want to hear expressed vocally.

I pose this question now and maybe only now: What should I do??


cchrissyy said...

good about the degrees, but don't let them graduate you! you're not ready to come out of there until you've got the next step chosen and ready to implement.

I'm not saying to stall in school forever. but until June, yes, absolutely!

Being unemployed and not knowing what's next post-graduation is no fun, and can easily turn into wasted years or accepting jobs below you in terms of pay or credibility, and the longer you go unemployed or underemployed, the harder it is to get hired or dream bigger plans.

conversely, an about-to-graduate senior has good internship and career fair prospects.

if you graduate in a few weeks, most likely you'll be scrambling for a job -any job- and we'll be discussing public school subbing, low wage preschool/daycare employment, and where you can work $17/hr customer service that you didn't even need a degree to do. just as examples. or maybe it's working at Sutter as a receptionist in hopes of seeing the medical field that way.

stay in school, and your spring can be spent in higher positions, ones with true career-track possibilities, not just short-term measures.

putting the low-wage low-quality jobs on your resume drags you down. an extra quarter in school? Nobody will even know you did it, and you get 3 months longer of prime recruiting time to get into a position fitting for a graduate.

(an example if it was just retail) on your own, you could fill out job applications and hope to quickly become a shift supervisor and get little raises in $ and responsibility. or, you could go to a UC career fair and get hired directly into Walgreens or Mervyns or Target's manager training program.

gtg. more later upon request. I only hit on the March v. June angle of this complicated life planning stuff :)

Klobas said...

that is good advice. school-sponsored career fairs are wonderful