Monday, October 1, 2007

Baptismal Reinvention

Pick up your computer. Laptop, desktop, whatever. Pick it up. Take it to the bathroom. Fill the bath. Immerse computer in full tub of water, making sure to completely cover all bits of it (oh, you should've unplugged it first... oops!). You should've had at least two witnesses present. Once computer is removed from the water and has experienced a sense of renewal, you may continue reading. I'm sure you have questions now.

So, yes. This is a new blog. There's no deep reason behind the new blog. Simply logistical. My old blog was registered under an e-mail address that is no longer functioning, so I couldn't do something as simple as find out my password. Plus, this is under my gmail account, so I don't have to switch and log in again after being continuously signed in to google reader (which I use to look at other blogs). A little bit of inconvenience now will make for much greater convenience (and perhaps even more blogging?) in the future. I literally would have something great to blog about and wouldn't be able to because I couldn't remember my password for that old account, or remember exactly how to enter in my username.

Please change your bookmarks, links on your blog, and get on my case to blog more often here. I'll tell you what I have to say if you ask. How does it go? Knock and it shall be opened unto you? Yeah. Let's do some of that.

I don't know how to sign into my old blog to grab the HTML from old posts that I would like to keep, so if you let me know of any of my previous posts that you'd like to see stickin around on this blog from my old one, let me know. That way I only go through the tedious task of reposting it if people really want access to it before the old blog spontaneously combusts.

That reminds me. Note to self: remember to post blog about how neat the world would be if people would spontaneously combust on a regular basis.

So let's review.

Old Blog.
Go here to review my past and let me know which blogs you'd like to see stay on here.

New Blog.
Change links and bookmarks to this address. Tell your friends. Check up regularly.


cchrissyy said...

"get on my case to blog more often here. "

what, nothing since Oct 1 11PM?

Klobas said...

How did you post the New Blog link on your old Blog if you didn't know the password?

Related note: good to hear your thoughts again